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North Arm Rental Store

North Arm has evolved beyond a mere repair and service company. Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of your fleet and streamline job completion. Backed by our seasoned team and strong local partnerships, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support from project inception to successful completion. Let us be your trusted companion every step of the way!

Site Support 

Add a light tower to your jobsite and unlock the possibility of night work. Do not get bogged down by sundown and expand your range of operations.

 Whatever your industry, a light tower can satisfy your illumination needs.


G25 Mobile Generator: Prime power mobile generator, 20 kW/25 kVA, Kohler engine, ideal for wherever reliable, quiet power is needed

200lb plate tamper, perfectly suited for the compaction of sandy and granular sub bases for sidewalks, roads and parking lots. Low pollutant emissions protect the operator and improve working conditions

The medium-weight reversible vibratory plates offer high productivity as a result of its high compaction force in combination with fast forward and reverse travel speeds. They are the all-rounders for all construction sites where high demands are placed on the performance efficiency of a unit.

When heavy weight compacting, street jobs, or large construction site projects are at hand. The Cat CS56B is the tool for the job. Boasting impressive performance and maneuverability while maintaining operator comfort.

Skid Steer

Although our more budget option, the 318G CTL maintains superior pushing power and break out force. While delivering effort and leverage to dip-in where other machines just spin.

The work horse of the line up, ​​with a staggering 100hp and leading class lift and break away forces. Highflow Auxilary hydraulics combined with endless attachment options. This is the backbone to any work site 

Wheel Loader

Smaller do it all equipment that combines head turning maneuverability, sure footed stability, and cost effective capability with productive power and responsive travel speed.

When your material-handling application needs a heavy-duty lift, add a Wheel Loader to your lineup. Combining convenient front-end features with near-parallel lift, spacious operator stations including customizable ergonomic electrohydraulic (EH) controls, and streamlined electrical and hydraulic routing, these versatile and productive mid-size models are designed to help you take your operation to the next level.


When you need more from your compact excavator, the John Deere 35G might be your “one and done.” This small-but-mighty muscle specializes in making work in close quarters seem like no big deal. Loaded with customer-inspired ideas like significant lift and reach, precise control, and an amazingly comfortable cab, digging, excavating, and loading tasks become big possibilities.

The Cat 308 CR Mini Excavator delivers maximum power and performance in a mini size to help you work in a wide range of applications. Increased lifting, swinging, travel and multi-functioning performance help you get the job done more efficiently, and blade float allows for
easy clean up.

Whether your work is in urban renewal, underground utilities, or street repair, the John Deere 245 P-Tier Excavator is purpose-built to deliver legendary performance. Reduced-tail-swing design, ease of operation, and proven components are just a few of the customer-inspired details that have earned this mid-size muscle a well-deserved reputation in the industry and on jobsites just like yours.

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