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Why Choose North Arm?

We're Professionals

Our technicians are equipped with dealership knowledge and expertise. We care about your equipment being down and our only focus is to get it back up and running as timely as possible. Our very own service trucks are all maintained to rigorous standards, to make sure we are always there on time and ready to rock. 


We're coming to you

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a subdivision, hours down a logging road,  in a remote camp down the channel or up in the mountains. Our resources and relationships give us the capability to reach you no matter where you find yourself. 

We’re equipped 

Our state-of-the-art truck is capable of handling the biggest jobs you can throw at it. 

Each truck is equipped with:

  • 5500lb crane 

  • Onboard 250amp welder

  • 12-24v boost 

  • Generator

  • Oxy torches

  • Air compressor cable of keeping up at full duty

  • Hydraulic tooling

  • AC repair 

  • Waste oil Evac to keep job sites environmentally friendly

  • The most up to date electronic equipment diagnostic 

We're Affordable

Even though we have spared no expense in making sure we are set up to handle what ever issue that is presented, we pride ourselves in making sure that our rates are competitive to anyone in the area. Along with fleet maintenance programs, GPS service tracking and block labour agreements bringing in even more savings. 

We’ll stand by our work

All our work is covered by our own 45 day labour warranty. We’ll also work with part suppliers to get you any promised warranty on their end. 

We can supply rental replacement

Having equipment down for extended repairs waiting parts? We can work with trusted partners to get you back on the job site to keep everything rolling. This is even available to customers who also just need equipment in a pinch. Have us source your rentals and transportation at competitive prices to help supplement your fleet or job.  Call us for more details

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